Masseys in Mount Laurel, New Jersey - Won't retured my refund! after they said they did

Not resolved

I order items from this company but , they sent me a letter right away stating that i had to send about 15% up front so I did no problem. well It took about 4 weeks for my order to arrive and when it did arrive of course i was pissed off about the long wait but the items was ugly in person so I sent tem right aback right aways requested a refrund well that was about 2 whole months ago they have not yet sent my money they said they will in about 4 weeks well 4 weeks has came in pass i want my money I sent emails they email me back bull *** about where my money is, I so full up with this company I ask to have both my account closeed they don't give or gave me good coustmer service.. and yet its there fault about all this they wanted they money up front i sent it i want my money back and they stating charges that I owe for using an postal sticker so what i used it but you will thank since they lack good customer service they will wavie the cost of postal and send me my money but no they suck and I want my money that they haven't sent me yet..

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